This page contains developer documentation to help others contribute to sphinx-book-theme.

Code of Conduct

The sphinx-book-theme project follows the Executable Book Project code of conduct.


sphinx-book-theme uses a GitHub Action to automate as much of the release process as possible. There is a secret stored in the repository that can push new releases to PyPI when new tags are created.

To create a new release, follow these steps:

  • Bump the version by changing the line starting with __version__ == in Use semantic versioning to decide whether it is a major or minor bump.

  • Commit and push to master

    git commit -m "RELEASE: <version number>
    git push upstream master
  • Create a new release on GitHub. Use the <version-number> for both the tag and title for the new release. For example: v0.8.1.

Once you create the new release, GitHub Actions will automatically build the new release and update PyPI.