Header content#

By default, this theme does not contain any header content, it only has a sidebar and a main content window. However, you can define your own HTML in a header that will be inserted above everything else. To do so, you must define your own Sphinx Template in a specific location. The contents of this template will be inserted into the theme. Here is how to do this:

  • Create a templates folder in your theme’s root. Assuming your documentation is in the docs/ folder:

    $ cd docs/
    $ mkdir _templates
  • Add the _templates/ folder to your Sphinx configuration templates:

    templates_path = ["_templates"]
  • Create the following template file and add HTML to id:

    $ echo "<p>Some text!</p>" > _templates/sections/header.html
  • Build your documentation, and you should see content of this file show up above your site.

Style the header#

Note that the header has very little styling applied to it by default. So you should add custom styles to the theme in order to achieve the look and feel you want.