The Sphinx Book Theme

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An interactive book theme for Sphinx.

This is a lightweight Sphinx theme designed to mimic the look-and-feel of an interactive book. It has the following primary features:

Bootstrap 4

To style visual elements and add functionality.

Flexible content layout

Inspired by beautiful online books, such as the Edward Tufte CSS guide

Visual classes designed for Jupyter Notebooks

Cell inputs, outputs, and interactive functionality are all supported.

Launch buttons for online interactivity

For pages that are built with computational material, connect your site to an online BinderHub for interactive content.


All text integrated in the theme is translated to the specified Sphinx language.

See also

This is the default theme in Jupyter Book.

Get started

To get started with sphinx-book-theme, first install it with pip:

pip install sphinx-book-theme

then, activate the theme in your Sphinx configuration (

html_theme = "sphinx_book_theme"

This will activate the Sphinx Book Theme for your documentation. Note that you may need to change your html_theme_options configuration depending on your previous theme. See the pages to the left for information about what you can configure with sphinx-book-theme.


This theme is heavily inspired by (and dependent on) PyData Sphinx Theme for its base structure and configuration.